Super Hexagon Turns 10

I consider Super Hexagon to be one of my more formative game experiences, and without it I’m not sure I’d be writing blog posts like this or hosting podcast episodes about video games on a weekly…


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Literature Reviews Blog

I have created this blog to illustrate my thoughts and ideas with literature reviews as well as my dissertation. The literature reviews will help me form my ideas and will help with my dissertation.


I have currently got my idea for my dissertation and thinking of ways to phrase the question. Meanwhile I am working out the topics for my literature blog topics. I have 5 topics so far including how each the left and right wing political parties are represented in TV shows in general. I have opened google notes to do this just to throw some quick ideas around as to how I would start to begin my literature review.


The reason for choosing my dissertation question is because I’ve always been interested in politics, especially american politics I’ve always shared a fondness for it. With being in a film course I can combine both those interests into my dissertation.


I have come up with a few draft questions that I could but am still developing it so it will change.

How does politics present in film and television?

How can politics change film and television?

How can pop-culture be referenced through politics in film and TV?

How does pop-culture present politics through film and TV?


I have got my question and now looking for sources to use for my literature review using the website onesearch


My question is How does film and TV present politics through pop-culture? I have started to look for sources.


I have began reviewing my first piece which is Homer Simpson Goes to Washington: American Politics through pop-culture. I have also started to watch some cartoons like the Simpsons and Family Guy to get a sense of how much pop-culture shows do reference politics to fully understand how much of an impact that it truly has on the viewers.


(update) I have now finished my literature I will now to start to focus on my dissertation proposal

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