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When I discussed with my friends whether artificial intelligence can infinitely approach human thinking, I found that the essence of artificial intelligence is still a function, and the corresponding output is obtained through input. So what does AI need or whether it can simulate the associative and intuitive functions of human thinking in the future? ? If so, what is the general idea?
Next is some content we discussed. Artificial intelligence itself is a function, but it is not a simple mapping of input and output as commonly understood, but a function that dynamically approaches a certain extreme value. Supervised learning minimizes the loss function, and reinforcement learning maximizes the value function, and this approximation process is achieved by iterative correction of the function (numerical solution).

If supervised learning (neural network) is taken as an example, the input data is X, the output data is Y, Y=F(X) is the mapping function of the system, and the current number of iterations is N, then F(N+1)=G( F(N), L, D), where L refers to LossFunction and D refers to the training data set. It’s the G, not the F, that really has the “smart” attribute.
In other words, intelligence represents an adaptive process rather than an adaptive result. A pair of twins, the one who grew up in the United States speaks English, and the one who grew up in China speaks Chinese. Obviously, the language-reality mapping of the two is completely different. We will not say that Chinese-speaking children are smarter than English-speaking children.
As for how to realize the association and intuition function of human beings, this is of course impossible to answer, because the current biology still knows little about the principles of the mesoscopic level of the brain, so it is impossible to talk about the realization of the association and intuition ability of “human beings”.

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