custom shape in tikz drawing

This tutorial will introduce create custom shape in tikz drawing using pgfdecareshape. It’s good for simple shape customize such as add more elements in base shape.


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8 Brutal Truths of Life

Harsh but essential pills to swallow.

Life is not easy. It is not fair. We like to believe it is. We like to say it is. We love to hear it is. But it is not. We generally like to think we are in touch with reality, but the truth is that many of us shield ourselves from certain unpleasant facts just to make us happier.

Some truths in life are really brutal even if we do not want to admit it. It is so much easier to talk about the weather, sports, and politics than these truths of life. Unfortunately not wanting to talk about these facts does not make them go away. Just like closing your eyes does not make the awfulness go away.

From unpleasant insights about love to the truth about meritocracy, here are 8 uncomfortable truths people don’t like to admit.

It's very very tough to admit, but nobody really cares about you. Just the way you do not care about others. That is why statements like “I know what you are going through” and “I wish I could share some of your suffering” are not honest, although the intentions may be genuine. And I do not blame anyone. Because, in reality, it is not possible to care about someone the way you care about yourself.

Your friends may come and see you struggling with pain and agony. They may give a shoulder to cry. They may weep along with you. But once done, they will continue with their lives, while this pain and suffering, is your life. If you expect them to share your pain, you may be disappointed.

Take this fact to become a stronger version of yourself. Worked harder to become more independent. And it won't matter that nobody really cares about you.

In a perfect world, there is no discrimination, there is no bias. People treat each other equally.

But we live in a very imperfect world. In our world, we discriminate against people based on color, race, religion, height, weight, etc. And unfortunately, it is not going away. It is here to stay.

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